Proud Mary, Melbourne, Australia

Very shortly after our first brunch at Hardware Societe in the CBD, my friend wanted to bring us to his favourite brunch place in Collingwood called Proud Mary. I was already stuffed, but still kind of excited to try a bit more.

This place is pretty hipster, and definitely a local favourite. We thought it would be less busy since it was Monday, but it was still very packed at about 11AM.

Many of the items on the menu looked awesome, but I wasn’t too hungry. I wanted something lighter and sweeter. I ordered the Bircher Muesli, which I was hoping was just milk or yogurt with cereal. Their muesli turned out to be oatmeal, and topped with apple, rhubarb, and some thick yogurt. I was hoping for crispy, crunchy cereal, but it was oatmeal. I wasn’t a big fan. I hate oatmeal. It was better than regular oatmeal, but still not my thing. The rhubarb was very sour, and the yogurt was a bit sour too. If your an oatmeal fan, I’m sure you’d like this. I’m not though. My fault for assuming it was going to be like what I had in Europe. Maybe that was cruesli, but I thought they were interchangeable. I’ll make sure to ask next time.

My friends ordered the Roasted Mushrooms, and Ricotta Hotcakes. The mushrooms were the best mushrooms I’ve ever had. The roasted mushrooms came with chipotle butter, and whipped goat cheese served on a brioche and poached egg. The chipotle butter makes the dish. It was so amazing. That butter will probably make almost anything amazing. The mushrooms were tender, and meaty, and the brioche helped sop up the juices and the melted butter and creamy goat cheese.

The ricotta hotcakeswere a bit thicker, but fluffier than I’m used to. They were served with sticky saffron pears, mascarpone and toasted almonds. So good, and just the right sweetness.

I was already full, so I didn’t touch much of my Muesli, but one look at our neighbours ribs, and we had to order that too. The ribs actually gave me my appetite back. These were two pieces of meaty short rib, with a delicious smokey-sweet BBQ sauce and fall off the bone meat. So tender and flavourful with good amounts of fat. Now this kind of fat I can keep eating without getting sick of too quickly (compared to the pork at Porteno).

Definitely a place to visit for brunch or lunch. I also wanted to try the Avocado because that looked amazing. Too bad I wasn’t that hungry. This is where I also learned that Melbourne can get some pretty crazy torrential rain. I’m glad we had a friend to drive us around on this day.

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Proud Mary
172 Oxford St
Melbourne, VIC

03 9417 5930

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