Pronto, Vancouver

Knowing that we’d be in downtown watching the Vancouver whitecaps, I took the chance to go try a new restaurant for lunch before heading into downtown. Pronto is a small Italian restaurant on Cambie.  Porchetta sandwich is on their menu, I was pretty excited about that.

It was a rainy day, so I got a small order of their Creamy Chicken soup.


This innocent looking soup was packed with ingredients. Big pieces of chicken, potato, yam, etc. It was very creamy and very delicious.


Next up was what I came here for, the porchetta sandwich. This was a good looking sandwich, packed with lots of meat. The crackling sprinkled on the top was awesome. There was a good mix of fat and lean meat, also a layer of lemon mayo. It was delicious, but was missing something to make it taste fresher.


Instead of ordering a sandwich, Dave got the Porchetta plate. The pork was nice and tender. Crackling was great, and those were one of the best roast potatoes I’ve had. Like the sandwich, it felt like it was missing some freshness too. Perhaps some salsa verde like Meat & Bread would be nice.


I also shared the Gnocchi with Pesto & Pancetta with a friend. The gnocchi was in a creamy pesto sauce, and topped with about 4 pieces of crispy pancetta. The gnocchi was nice and soft, the sauce was really creamy and comforting. The crispy and salty pancetta was a good addition to the dish.


3473 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC

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