Prep & Pastry, Tucson, Arizona

First morning in Tucson I was at Prep & Pastry bright and early for some tasty breakfast.  This restaurant/bakery has a very clean and simple atmosphere, has a very hipster feel like restaurants you’d find in cities like..Portland.


We started the breakfast with a couple pastries. First one we tried was the doughssant or frissant, or cronut. There were 3 flavours that day, we ordered the chai & cinnamon one. This was my first ever doughssant/frissant/cronut, and I liked it quite a lot. To my surprise it wasn’t too greasy either. To be honest the bread part reminded me a bit of a doughy & layered Chinese donut (why don’t anyone make Chinese donuts with toppings?) The icing on the top was really tasty.


The second pastry we had was the Coconut creme brule scone. This was sweet and very coconuty. Loved it.


On to real food. My breakfast was the AM Relleno. Scrambled eggs with pico, queso fresco cheese in a roasted poblano pepper. Topped with crispy tortilla chips, they were fun to eat. The eggs were cooked perfectly with the pico. The red mole on the bottom was the best.


The Monte Cristo was French toast with honey roasted ham. Good combo of sweet and savoury.


There were way to many other items on the menu and pastries I’d love to try. It’s really too bad I was only in Tucson for a 3 days, and there were other restaurants I wanted to go. If I were here longer, I will for sure comeback at least a couple more times.

Prep & Pastry
3073 North Campbell Ave
Tucson AZ 85719

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