Po Dog

Po Dog is a hot dog joint in Capital Hill, Seattle. There were quite a lot of crazy hot dogs on the menu, props to the creativity.

The Texas dog, Mac and Cheese dog, and Bita dog were my friends choices. The one that really caught my eye was the Pb dog. From the description it said peanut butter and fresh sliced banana. The staff confirmed that this wasn’t a dessert, and that there is actually a wiener in it. Peanut butter and hot dog, I just had to order it.

The hot dogs were all served in brioche buns. There was a lot of melted peanut butter on the Pb dog, and it was very thick and creamy. I could still taste the hot dog itself, and I didn’t taste as much peanut butter as I thought I would. The peanut butter kind of worked, but I wasn’t too sure about the bananas. Would I order it again? Sure, why not.

None of the hot dogs here are small. If you like onions, go for the Texas dog, because it was topped with a lot of deep fried onions. The Mac and Cheese one was the best out of our bunch. The mac and cheese itself was very creamy and cheesy, it combined the saltiness of the hot dog perfectly. It was a carbs overload hot dog, but it was a tasty one.

All the hot dogs were reasonably priced, so, peanut butter hot dog, do you dare?

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Po Dog
1009 E Union St
Seattle, WA 98122

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