Pink Sugar Cupcakery

We were wanting some cupcakes and when we did a search, we found quite a bit. However, we ended up going to Pink Sugar Cupcakery that we found as we were walking around Downtown Victoria. It’s a pretty small shop, and the girls working were just surfing on their computer. It didn’t seem very busy at all.

Given the title of the shop, everything in there was bright pink. That said, they had some special MAN cakes,  I guess to draw some guys in. I fell for it, and went for the MAN cake, and it actually appealed to me.

I got the Jack & Coke Cupcake. Yup a coke flavoured cupcake, with Jack Daniels icing, and a nice Coke Bottle Gummy on top. It was actually pretty good, and something I would order again. The cupcake was very airy, probably due to the carbonated Coke used in the batter. It was light and sweet. You could just taste a hint of the Jack Daniels in the icing, and it added a nice amount of sweetness. The icing was very very stiff though, probably a ton of sugar, and it was piled way too high making it kind of hard to eat. I enjoyed my cupcake though. My friend got the Red Velvet, but I thought the actual cupcake was way too bland, definitely not sweet at all.

They have a bunch of different cupcakes there, but not many were out. I’m not sure if they had more at the back. I thought it was pretty expensive for the cupcakes at $2.85 each, but I just double checked the price at Cupcakes here in Vancouver, and they cost $3.25 each. Singles are more expensive at Cupcakes, but it does get cheaper the more you order. I think Cupcakes’ cupcakes are a bit bigger. Carmella is still my favourite.

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Pink Sugar Cupcakery
773 Fort St
Victoria, BC

(250) 590-8055

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