Pink Elephant Thai

This Monday I was once again invited to a media tasting event, and this time I was invited to Pink Elephant Thai.

At this dinner me and six others got to try 4 appetizers, 8 main courses, and 2 desserts. There was a lot to eat, and there were a lot of memorable dishes.

The first appetizer we got was the Look Tong Tom Moo, pork spare rib soup served with egg nest and steamed rice. I thought this was a perfect appetizer to start the night because the broth both smelled and tasted appetizing and yet not overwhelming. I loved the whole garlic cloves in the soup, the spare rib had fell off the bone meat. Really delicious slow cooked broth.

The Double ‘O’ Lettuce Wrap had oysters and ostrich meat.  The dish was sweet in flavor and I loved the oysters in this dish. It had a nice crispy batter, which added another texture to the dish. It was a good twist to a normal lettuce wrap.

Another good appetizer to get was the Floating Market, and the star of the dish was those spinach tempuras. I’ve never had spinach tempura, they were light, crispy and so good with the sweet and spicy Thai applesauce.

My least favorite appetizer was the Spicy Butterfly Butter Jumbo Tiger Prawn. I guess the name of the dish threw me off a bit, because the dish wasn’t spicy or particularly buttery to me at all.

All the main dishes were family style dishes, and  our first main was the Keang Panang Pla, it was red curry with Salmon. And if I remember correctly this was the Chef’s family dish. I love red curries to begin with, and I loved this dish.

My favorite curry dish was the Coconut Curry with braised ox-tail and pumpkin. This is the curry I would order over and over again, because I love coconut and I love ox-tail. The ox-tail was fell off the bone tender. The curry creamy and and the pumpkin added extra sweetness to the dish. Soo yummy.

Kra Pau Moo was an other dish that was packed with sweet and spicy flavors. It was pork cheek with red chili paste. It was served with mixed vegetables. The pork cheek had really nice BBQ charcoal flavor.

We also had the Pla Salmon Salad. This was a warm salad and again with sweet and spicy flavors. It had some cashew nuts and sliced apples to give the crunchy texture. I really enjoyed the sliced green onions because they gave the salad a good spicy bite.

Just when we thought we were done, we were given 2 desserts to end the meal with. One of them was Vanilla Ice Cream with grilled pineapple and one was sticky rice with fresh mangos and coconut. My favorite was no surprise the sticky rice with coconut, it was the most flavorful of them all, and it just had the right amount of sweetness.

Dinner here was great, and I had a lot of fun eating with 5 other strangers. There was a lot of pink in the restaurant without it being too cutesy. It was a nice modern and fun space to dine in. It looks like an expensive place to eat, but the prices are very reasonably priced at $12 for main, and average of $7 for appetizers.

Thanks Pink Elephant Thai for having us over. I left the restaurant still thinking about that ox-tail curry.

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