Pine State Biscuits

Pine state biscuits was food stop #4 out of the 5 meals that we did in 2 hours on our first day in Portland. It was hands down our favorite place out of all of the food we had during our trip there.

We were here on a Saturday, and lucky for us it was happy hour from 6pm-1am here on weekends. Each biscuit were only around $5 each, how crazy cheap is that!

We ordered 2 biscuits sandwiches to share: The Reggie, The Regina; as well as a Biscuit and with sausage gravy.

The Reggie sandwich was made out of fried chicken, crispy bacon, cheese and their signature gravy. This was quite an amazing sandwich because the biscuits was flaky and crumby, and the fried chicken was nice and moist, and the gravy is like a magic sauce that just makes you want to keep eating it.

The Regina was an open sandwich with braised greens, hot sauce and over easy egg. The braised collar greens were vinegary, it’s a good combination with the hot sauce.

The biscuits and gravy was probably my favorite because it was lots of that yummy gravy with that buttery biscuit.

If I live in Portland this is a place I’d go visit at least once a week. It’s so good that it will make you forget about dieting. Comfort food done right, a place must visit in Portland!

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Pine State Biscuits
(503) 555-1212
2204 NE Alberta
Portland, OR 97211

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