Pig ‘N Pancake, Seaside

On our way home from a Cannon Beach camping trip, we stopped off at Pig ‘n Pancake in Seaside. This place was really busy, and we were seated after about a 10 minute wait. I’m on a new diet, and lucky for me I saw that they had gluten-free pancakes on their menu. Their menu is quite large with lots of options.

I ordered the gluten-free pancakes, and ask that they add bananas to it, as well as a side of sausage. When my food was brought to me, 3 pancakes came out and I was happy. Turns out you actually get 6 pancakes (which I found out when they brought the second plate), and my eyes went wide open in shock because I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish. The pancakes came with an orange syrup which I wasn’t very fond of as I’m not a fan of orange syrup or marmalades. I preferred the maple syrup that they had. The pancakes were really good though, I couldn’t even tell they were gluten-free. It was fluffy and soft, and the bananas were cooked down and sweet. The sausages were just your standard pork breakfast sausage, though a bit salty.

The rest of my friends went for the savoury items for breakfast. They ordered Chicken Fried, Kielbasa, and Garden Skillets. Another friend tried to be fancy and ordered a chicken strips and some waffles to make her own chicken and waffles.Each of the skillets came hash browns, scrabbled eggs, and cheese. The Chicken Fried Skillet and Garden Skillets were good, but the Kielbasa Skillet was way too salty. The chicken fried steak was good, too and the gravy that came with it went really well with the biscuits.

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Pig ‘n Pancake
320 Broadway St
Seaside, OR

(503) 738-7243


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