Pie Face, Sydney, Australia

We weren’t able to kill enough time at Mejico while waiting for Jamie’s Italian, so we went back a few shops to try some meat pie at Pie Face. This is a chain all around Australia, and they have lots of meat pies, and they draw different smiley faces on them. Australia is one of the foods I was told to eat while in Australia. Pie Face wasn’t my first choice (Harry’s Cafe de Wheels was), but we needed to kill more time.

We ordered the Chunky Steak, and Chicken and Mushroom. You can add mash potatoes and gravy for $2-3. We didn’t because we still needed to save space for Jamie’s Italian, though I kind of wish we did.

Although the Chunky Steak was the most popular choice, the Chicken and Mushroom was our favourite of the two. It had large chunks of tender chicken, mushrooms, and garlic, in a creamy sauce. The sauce was thick, though a bit clumpy. The pastry was a bit flakey, but not the crispiest. Probably better when really fresh. They have to keep a constant supply out, so they are constantly cooking them.

The guy working there said that Chunky Steak was the most popular. Filled with chunks of beef braised with onions, garlic and gravy. I thought the gravy had a taste that I wasn’t too fond of. The beef was a bit tougher too.┬áThe pies are pre made, but the pastry was still kind of flakey.

After meat pies from Bourke Street Bakery and now Pie Face, I’m not a big fan. I would probably try the Harry’s Cafe de Wheels with all the toppings before I give up on them though.

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Pie Face
109 Pitt St
Sydney, NSW

02 9232 6924


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