Pho Tau Bay, Newton

I’m so glad that our beloved Pho Tau Bay opened a second location in Surrey. The new location opened this month is a lot nicer than the old place.

When the owner told me about this place a week ago, he promised that the food will be the same, and he was right. I ordered a Rare Steak and Tripe Pho, the bowl of noodles looks identical to the ones you’d get at the orginal Pho Tau Bay. There was tons of scallions, onions and cilantro, there’s a lot of meat and the soup base was just as delicious as the original location.

They did a really good job on keeping the consistency and quality of their food. This place is located at a much more convient location for their customers, myself included. It is bigger, nicer and cleaner. I’d be visiting this place more than I already do now.

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Pho Tau Bay
#110-7322 King George Blvd
Surrey, BC

(604) 503-1221

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