Pho Chung Nam

If it wasn’t for my friend, I probably wouldn’t eat at Pho Chung Nam in New Westminster. To be honest, this place looks a little ghetto from the outside.

I ordered a Special Pho like I always do with vietnamese restaurants I’ve never been to. There was only one size available, and the portion was pretty large. The soup was very sweet. If MSG enhances the sweetness in foods, then there were a lot of MSG in there. The sweetness of the soup alerted me not to eat too much of it. There wasn’t a lot of meat, but there was enough. Some brisket slices were quite dry.

My friend ordered the Spicy Pho, which was much better than mine. The level of spiciness was good, it kind of balanced the sweetness of the soup out. It had a good assortment of meats and vietnamese ham. I wish I got this instead.

This restaurant serves both Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. I didn’t realize that until I looked at the menu. I probably wouldn’t come back here again, there are much better pho options that are worth driving extra minutes to.

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Pho Chung Nam
522 6th Ave
New Westminster, BC V3L5H3

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  • Dorothy

    best chinese food in new west. don”:t let the outside fool you.