Peking “Chinese” Restaurant.

I went to Peking Chinese Restaurant for a quick lunch today. When I got to the restaurant, I was a little confused because Wheel had told us that we were going to a Korean place for some Korean noodles.

When I saw the menu, I was even more confused. There’s Korean writings and dishes everywhere. There’s also a section on the menu where it was only written in Korean and Traditional Chinese for these Korean dishes. And before our main dishes came, the waiter gave us Kimchi, and 2 other appetizer dishes that Korean restaurants always give you. Now I think know why Wheel called it a ‘Korean’ place.

I got the Fried Sauce Noodles (#23) in the non-English-friendly section of the menu, because Wheel recommended it. It was Korean hand made noodles with black Korean sauce. I was not impressed with it. It tasted bland. The portion was big, the noodles itself was alright, but it was bland for me. We were giving red pepper powder to eat with it, but it was still bland when I had it with the red pepper powder. I’ve had way better Fried Sauce Noodles at other restaurants.

The Kimchi and Korean appetizers they gave us was rather sad too. The kimchi was OK, but not authentic. The other 2 appetizers were yellow pickled daikon and raw onions with seaweed paste. There were a lot of yellow pickled daikon, if that made any difference at all.

This place do have OK review ratings on yelp. So, if I’m ever coming back to here, I’d stick to the Chinese dishes.

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Peking Chinese Restaurant
14150 NE 20th St Ste C
Bellevue, WA 98007
(425) 643-5030
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