Peaked Pies, Whistler

On our last night in Whistler, we originally wanted to go to El Furniture Warehouse, but we chose Splitz instead. Quicker, and easier. On our way there, we noticed a new restaurant called Peaked Pies right beside it.This got us really excited, especially my friend who was born in Australia. I only was able to try Australian Meat Pies at Pie Face in Sydney. Not the best choice, but it’s all I had the opportunity to try. I wasn’t a big fan. I was kind of skeptical at how good the pies would be at Peaked Pies, but they were surprisingly delicious.


Peaked Pies has a bunch of different pies, from ground beef, steak, chicken, vegetable, and also dessert. You can “Peak” your pie which is adding mashed potatoes, mushy peas, and gravy on top. This is what I wanted to try in Australia.



Unfortunately we weren’t able to try it again, as I already ate a burger and fries at Splitz. My friend decided to order a Traditional Aussie Pie instead of a burger, and she loved it. The pie was nice and flakey, and it was very tender, moist, and flavourful beef filling. We ordered a couple more to bring back to the condo to eat later.


We didn’t end up eating it til the next morning. I had the beef curry, and I still enjoyed it even 12 hours later. I just heated it in the microwave too, and it was able to gain its crisp flakiness. The filling was really moist, with similar flavours to a beef samosa. I really liked it.

My friends tried the Steak and Mushroom, as well as the apple berry crumble. And they loved it too. They were smart and less lazy and actually reheated it in the oven. Peaked Pies gets approval from an actual Australian. She actually wants to bring her parents to Whistler just to try it.

I’m definitely going to order more the next time I’m up there, and definitely getting it peaked. Definitely have to go try Aussie Pie Guy in Vancouver to compare.

Peaked Pies
105-4369 Main Street
Whistler, BC

(604) 962-4115

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