Pavz, Leavenworth

Pavz is a French restaurant on Front street in Leavenworth. It is almost directly across from the gazebo on the main strip. It was recommended by a local lady while we were wine tasting at icicle ridge winery. She said the restaurant has great food, and you can even order a pork knuckle that’s off the menu. She lied about the pork knuckle.

Instead of dinner, we came here for breakfast. With their crepe making station right out front, it was hard not to order a crepe. So for my breakfast I got the apple strudel crepe that came with whipped cream and ice cream.


This crepe was delicious. I think it was baked for a little bit as the top was very crispy. Inside the apple filling was very hot, I liked that it wasn’t too sweet. Ice cream for breakfast is always awesome, and it was a really nice addition to the apple crepe. It was a very satisfying breakfast for me.


Victor’s Scramble was another good choice here for breakfast. Scrambled egg folded with house made chorizo, potato, topped with cheese, tomato, basil, and avocado sounds lot like California instead of French, but it was really tasty savoury option here.


This place is really tiny, with probably 5 tables total. It makes a great place to get some crepe for desserts, I’d come back for the apple strudel crepe for sure.


833 Front St
Leavenworth, WA

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  • dee

    My Mediterranean Frittata was just ok. It was a bit dry, and the ingredients weren’t well spread out.