Paso Del Norte, Blaine, Washington

After a round of golf in Meridian, we decided to go across the border to get some cheap gas. Might as well since we were just a minute away from the border, and we both have Nexus passes. We decided to eat in Blaine too since we were starving. We chose Paso Del Norte since my brother said it’s pretty good. I remember liking when I was younger.

This place is like your typical Mexican-American restaurant, though to be honest I’m not that big of a fan of that style. We both ordered from the Chicken dishes part of the menu – the Arroz con Pollo and Carnitas de Pollo. My dish was big, and I was surprised that I finished it. I was definitely stuffed. It came with strips of chicken breast nicely spiced and seasoned, and sauteed with green peppers and onions. It came with the usual rice and beans with cheese, and also a dollop of sour cream. Since it was chicken breast, it was a little dry and not too juicy. It was tasty though, and goes really well with some rice and beans, and wrapped in the many tortillas they gave us. The rice was cooked perfectly, not soggy, and not hard, just right. The beans were fairly smooth, and cheesy.

My friend’s Arroz con Pollo was pretty good too. She loves rice, and it looked like their wasn’t that much rice, but it was hidden underneath. The rice seemed like it was cooked with the sauce, chicken, and mushrooms kind of like a Mexican risotto. The rice was definitely different than mine. It was plumper. She was happy with the dish.

Overall the food was decent, though since I’m not that big of a fan of this type of cuisine, I’m not sure if I’d come back. There are lots of other Mexican restaurants to try in Bellingham as well.

Paso Del Norte
758 Peace Portal Dr
Blaine, WA

(360) 332-4045

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