I first heard about Paseo from a friend when I visited L.A. It was late after a day of surfing, and we somehow ended up watching a youtube video of this TLC food show. About 20 seconds in the video, there was my friend, on the show, eating the magical cuban sandwich the show was featuring.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that Vancouver lacks Cuban and South American restaurants, but I would almost never say no to visit a Cuban/Caribbean restaurant when I am in the States. Cuban sandwiches? Hell yes!

On our way down to Seattle for the Brand New concert, I suddenly remembered this TV show, and navigated my friends to Paseo. On the show, they made it seem like it was a super busy place with a line up around the block. When we got there at 4pm, it was quite empty. However, almost right after we ordered, people just kept coming in.

I ordered the Cuban Roast sandwich, the one that was featured on the show. It was slow roasted pork shoulder with lettuce, jalapeno, cilantro, caramelized onions, and magical garlic aioli on a ciabatta bun from Macrina bakery.

The components of this sandwich sounds a LOT like Vancouver’s Hubbub pork sandwich, the only difference would really be how the pork is done, and the bread. I hate to say this, but Paseo’s cuban roast kicked butt. Hubbub’s pork sandwich was good, but Paseo’s was THE best pork sandwich I’ve had to date.

I loved this sandwich. I really wished it was a never ending sandwich because I could eat so much of it. The pork was really tender, they didn’t even shred it, because there were a few big chunks in my sandwich. The marinade of the pork mixed so well with the fixings, and the bread had the perfect crunch.

I also tried some of their Grilled Pork sandwich. It was also really tasty, and this was a spicy one. It had similar fixings to the Cuban Roast. I would recommend this as well.

These sandwiches were a mess to eat because the sauce will drip everywhere. I didn’t mind the mess at all; why would I when the sandwich was so awesome?

This is now a must stop destination when I’m in Seattle.

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Paseo Caribbean Restaurant
4225 Fremont Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103

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  • dee

    I had the beans and chicken on rice. The chicken was flavourful with a nice blend of spices, but only came with one thigh, and some of it was a bit overcooked/dry. It came with a lot more beans and rice. I’d add another chicken thigh for a few more bucks next time, as I was left with just eating the beans and rice.

    There were other things on the menu that I wanted to try, and you are right the sandwiches were some of the best ever.