Pambiche Cuban

Pambiche is a Cuban restaurant in Portland, that opens late on Friday and Saturdays. It was perfect for us to visit simply because we arrived Portland pretty late and we were looking for a place for dinner at 10pm.

First time visiting a Cuban restaurant, the waitress noticed that we weren’t familiar with Cuban food at all. She was really friendly, and gave us a lot of time to read the menu. I decided on Rabo Encendido, which was ‘oxtail on fire’. But for appetizer, we shared Malanga and Tostones.

Tostones was deep fried ripe plantain. I thought it’d be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, but it was pretty crunchy and hard inside and out. It didn’t have much taste, we were eating with banana ketchup and their hot sauce.

The Malanga were Cuban taro root fritters. They were really crispy on the outside, and fairly soft on the inside. I didn’t get much taro flavor was I would expect, but I did enjoy this more than the Tostones.

My entrée Robo Encedido was reallly delicious. It was oxtail braised in a spicy wine sauce that had all kinds of peppers in it. It had a great bold flavor, a little bit sweet, and a little spicy. The meat on the oxtail was really tender, and they were falling off the bone. It came with rice, and these corn bread fritters. I really like the corn bread fritters, they were sweet, and got a great texture. They were a lot better than the Malanga, so if you want to try Cuban fritters, I’d recommend ordering the corn bread (frituras de maíz) for appetizer.

Dee and our other friend ordered the Plato Cubano and Lengua en Salsa for entrées, but they weren’t as awesome as my oxtail dish. The Lengua en Salsa was very tomatoey.

I enjoyed my dinner here. The appetizers were OK, but the oxtail was amazing, I can’t imagine ordering anything else when I come back here.

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2811 NE Glisan St
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 233-0511

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  • KimHo

    OK, what’s the deal here? Were you following me or I was shadowing you? That’s because I went there as well! As for my thoughts… Let’s just say my standards are different…

  • beipas

    You’re shadowing us! lol all food bloggers like to go to the same restaurants.