Onyx Steakhouse and Lounge, Port Moody

First I have to apologize for the crappy pictures. We were right under a set of really bright red lights, and the white balance is just way off, and not much could fix it. Had to edit the RAW files but even that didn’t do much, so I had to apply a Dark Emerald Green filter over top, which resulted in the lack of colour. Anyway, for our pre-Whistler dinner, we headed over to Port Moody to try out Onyx Steakhouse and Lounge. There’s another location in White Rock, but since we are never out in Port Moody we thought we’d give it a go.

There are 3 separate areas – the lower dining area where we sat, a bar on the lower floor, and the upper dining area. There were quite a lot of things going on that day, with the Canucks game playing in the bar (there’s actually a window from the main dining area to the bar so you can watch the game, kind of awkward though but a good idea), and upstairs there was some sort of insurance marketing event going on.

I ordered a 7 oz top sirloin, as well as the Bacon Corn Fritters, and Poutine. Beipas and her friend ordered the Filet, Lobster Mac & Cheese, Bacon Creamed Corn, and Onion Rings. Before getting our meals, we were given bread with a garlic butter. I liked the bread because it was warm and crispy and the garlic butter had just the right amount of garlic.

I didn’t really enjoy my sirloin because I just wasn’t feeling the flavour of it. Not sure what it was, but I hardly ever order a sirloin. It also wasn’t very melt in your mouth tender. I think the sirloin is supposed to be the most flavourful though, and not necessarily very tender. It came with a huge onion ring, which was really nice and crisp. I’m glad Beipas ordered an extra side of Onion Rings. The Bacon Corn Fritters were nice. Deep fried with some extra corn on the side. They were light and fluffy, with full kernels of corn and small bacon bits inside. The poutine was OK. Very stringy cheese with a rich gravy. The fries weren’t very crisp as it had soaked up much of the gravy. Decent, but not awesome, but also not too expensive either.

My friends really enjoyed the petit filet. Very tender and cooked perfectly. The Lobster Mac & Cheese was really good this time, and it was rich and creamy with nice chunks of lobster. It was definitely better than the one at Mac Shack, which Beipas enjoyed as well. However, some of our other friends also had this mac and cheese on another occasion, and theirs was very bland. The bacon creamed corn wasn’t very creamy, but I still enjoyed it.

For dessert we ordered the a trio of Creme Brulees, and they were all pretty good. My favourites were the Vanilla Bean, and then the Bailey’s, and then the  dark chocolate. They were all good, but that was the order that I liked them. They had the nice thin and crisp top, and custardy creamy inside.

We were checked up on by a few different people and I think they really try to keep the guests happy and make sure everything is OK. My friends had one complaint about the top floor, is that their’s a gap between the glass railing and the floor. My friend accidentally dropped a knife on the floor, and it slid, and fell all the way down to the first floor. Someone could’ve been really badly hurt. Bad design there.

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Onyx Steakhouse and Lounge
#7 – 101 Morrisey Road
Port Moody, BC

(604) 917-0118


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    The lobster mac and cheese was so good! The portion looks small, but it’s very filling because of the cream.