Old Bavaria Haus

For MePlusFood’s 3rd birthday dinner, we invited a few friends to the Old Bavaria Haus in New Westminster. This was before I went on a trip to Europe, so we picked this place to sort of get a warm up of what we’re going to eat in Germany & Vienna.

All of us had schnitzels on our plates, I went big and got the Combination dinner, which had schnitzel, beef rouladen, bratwurst, and spätzle; a little bit of everything German. It was a very comforting dinner for a cold winter night and I enjoyed all the components on this plate from the sauerkraut, to the schnitzel, to the spätzle.

The schnitzel was perfectly deep fried to crispy, while the pork inside stayed moist. I also really liked the spätzle that was pan fried with crispy ends. The combination dinner was a good choice because of its variety, and the super delicious peppercorn sauce really brought the whole plate together.

So in hindsight, was this meal authentic? Pretty close! And to be honest, even if it’s not, it was still a restaurant with great old school atmosphere and delicious food.

oh and MePlusFood is 3 years old! Never would have thought we’d keep it going for this long. Thanks for your readership everyone!

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Old Bavaria Haus
233 6th St
New Westminster, BC V3L3A5

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  • pennyandrusty

    A belated congrats on 3 years! Been looking at trying out Old Bavaria Haus for a while.

  • http://www.meplusfood.com/author/beipas beipas

    thanks pennyandrusty!