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Noodle Island. Honestly, that’s a pretty strange name. I found this place about half a year ago, but decided to eat at Sunny Dragon a few stores down. I got take out this time because I needed to get back for UFC. So we ordered a couple of vermicelli dishes to go. I should go back to try out the pho.

I ordered the Bun Ga, Thit, Nem Nuong, Cha Gio (Grilled Chicken, Pork Chop, Meat Patties, and Spring Roll with Rice Vermicelli) ($10.95). It came with quite a bit of food. I think it’s worth it for $11, because I had a lot of variety. Aside from the items listed above it also came with the standard cucumbers, carrots, daikon, and lettuce. It also came with a little container of Vietnamese fish sauce which you pour over your vegetables, spring roll, and noodles. I wish they gave more though! The vegetables seemed pretty fresh. They use the thinner rice vermicelli, which is typical here. My favorite of the meats was the meat patty because it had the most flavour to it. The chicken and pork, although cooked well were a bit bland. The spring roll was decent too.

My friend ordered the Bun Ga Xuyen Nuong, which means 3 grilled chicken skewers with rice vermicelli ($8.50), and she also ordered a Vietnamese Iced Coffee with condensed milk. The ice coffee came out surprisngly fast, as it normally takes 5-10 minutes for the coffee to drip. But since we ordered it to go, I guess they did it for us. It wasn’t very good here. The 3 chicken skewers was a lot of food for $8.50 and she liked it.

Overall the prices are decent, and you get a lot of food. Since we ordered take out, I’m not sure if the quality or quantity would be different. They also speak Cantonese if you aren’t sure what some things are in Vietnamese. Although the food we ordered was pretty good, I would come back to test out their Pho. Surprisingly it is not cash only. My favorites are still Pho Tau Bay and Song Huong.

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Noodle Island
#302 – 15988 Fraser Hwy
Surrey, BC

(604) 591-6528
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  • Sherman

    Damn… Noodle Island is just barely out of my lunch radius… I guess it’ll be another day until I get to try it!

  • dee

    honestly, it’s only OK.. i’d stick to song huong and pho tau bay .. let me know how the pho is. Thats’s probably the only reason why I’d go back because I’ve never tried it yet.