Nong Chinese Restaurant

Nong Chinese Restaurant is the second group dinner that we attended with the Chinese Bites crew. It used to be called The One, as can still be seen with some of their dinnerware. I was thankful to attend this one because we were served a huge amount of meat dishes.

I haven’t had a huge Chinese meal like this in a while, especially where I could eat 90% of the dishes. So I was really happy. The first dishes that came out were some cold marinated beef, jelly pork, mushroom wrapped in bean curd sheets, and chicken in chili. All pretty good, but my favourite was the chicken in chili. I think the chicken was steam cooked, and was very tender. The sauce was delicious, and a bit spicy. The bean curd dish was really good too. The jelly pork was just OK, as I’m not used to the textures. It was very mild flavoured.

We were then served a crab and winter melon soup, stir fried shrimp with vegetables, and a lobster dish that was topped with bitter melon and pork. The lobster was good, but I don’t think many of us were huge fans of bitter melon.

Next came probably one of my favourite dishes of the night. Although it doesn’t look very appetizing, it’s really good if you aren’t scared of eating lots of fat. They serve a pretty much boneless piece of ham hock. It’s so tender, and fatty, that if you wiggle the table it just jiggles. Pretty funny to watch. I’ve had this once before, and it is really good. Make sure to eat this with rice so the fat and sauce doesn’t overwhelm you too much.

We were also served some braised pork belly. This was really good as well, and very saucy and tender. The sauce was a bit salty, and so were the preserved vegetables under, so again, eat with rice to help out.

I thought we were going to get some peking duck, but we were served something a bit different – Smoked Duck. I’ve never had this before, but I do appreciate that it still has crisp skin, and served with more meat. Instead of providing us with little wraps, green onions, and hoisin sauce, were given little rice buns. I really enjoyed it because the duck was cut too have a good amount of crisp skin, and a good amount of tender meat. I think the seasoning was a bit inconsistent though as some pieces were a bit too salty. Definitely better with the rice bun, than eating it on its own. This is their Signature Dish.

To finish off, we were given some cumin lamb, xiao long baos, and some fried rice. Each of them were well done as also. The cumin had a nice spice to it. The XLBs were pretty good, with a nice thickness to the skin and good flavour in the pork and soup. The fried rice was surprisingly really good too. The fried rice came with some salty pork which made the rice really nice. The way they fried the rice gave it a bit of a different flavour. Like they toasted the rice a bit. It also wasn’t greasy.

To end off the meal, we had some red bean soup, which I have never been a fan of, but this did taste better than what I’ve had before.

It was a delicious dining experience, with plenty of options for me  to eat, and quite a few stood out for me. Check out Grace, Sherman, Kevin, Rick, Janice, Alvin, and Sean’s websites to see what they thought of Nong. Also note there are a few free underground parking spots available.

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Nong Chinese Restaurant
5701 Granville St
Vancouver, BC

(604) 263-4460

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