Nine Dishes

I was craving for some tongue numbing spicy food for about a week or so, and I got some friends to go visit Nine Dishes with me. I picked this place because almost every dishes on their menu seem to have the spice level that I was craving for.

Our dinner started on a good note with Chicken in Spicy Sauce. It was a cold dish with boiled chicken drenched in spicy oil, cilantro and peanuts. It was very delicious and one of the favorites of the night. It might look very spicy, but it only tingled my tongue a tiny bit.

Next came a wave of the rest of our order, which were Lamb Skewers, Clear Noodle in Spicy Sauce, Eggplant skewers, Beef short rib stew, Deep fried Lotus with mince meat, and Cold noodles in Sesame sauce. Everything literally all came together, and within 10 minutes of putting our orders in. You will get your food super fast here.

The Eggplant Skewers, Lamb Skewers, Deep Fried lotus are the must gets here. I loved them all. The eggplants were grilled perfectly and was topped with a sweet sauce. I am not a lamb person normally, but I liked the lamb skewers here a lot. It didn’t have the gamy taste, meat was grilled to tender, and the spice rub had a nice fragrant taste. As for the deep fried lotus, they were like mini deep fried lotus sandwiches. The minced meat filling was very juicy. They were very tasty.

The clear noodle in spicy sauce was basically the same dish as the chicken in spicy sauce. They just replaced the chicken with the clear noodles. This was also a favorite of the night, and again, it didn’t have the spiciness I desired.

At the end of the meal, we all agreed the food was good here. The prices were very cheap, so you can literally pig out without spending a fortune. I was quite disappointed with the lack of spiciness in the dishes. Maybe I was expecting too much, I should just go visit a Sichuan restaurant to fulfil my tongue numbing wish.

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Nine Dishes
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Vancouver, BC V5V

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