Neptune Seafood Restaurant, Surrey

Neptune Seafood Restaurant is the newest Chinese restaurant in Surrey Central. I visited on their opening day for dim sum, and quickly learned that this was a branch of their Richmond location. The atmosphere is very much like a typical Chinese restaurant in Richmond, very fancy, and grand, probably the first of its kind in Surrey.

We ordered a few usual dim sum items such as shrimp dumplings, sui mai, and rice rolls. They were all pretty decent. Most of their vegetarian options were mushrooms based, with items like truffled mushroom dumplings, and mushroom rice rolls.  The truffled mushroom dumplings were not as good as Jade Seafood Restaurant‘s, mainly because I couldn’t taste much of the truffle.

Given that it’s their opening day, it’s no surprise there were some chaos and glitches. Some of the items we ordered were sold out, and some never made it to our table, that we had to cancel them. The waiters realized the problems, and was apologetic about the situation.

Aside from dim sum, they also open late night til 12AM, finally there is a place in Surrey to get some late night congee. Hope this place works out its glitches and stays for good in Surrey.


I went back to the restaurant to have dim sum again a week after their opening, and was very disappointed that they didn’t improve their ‘opening day’ glitches at all. I have lowered the star rating to 2/5. See why in the comments section.

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Neptune Seafood Restaurant
10153 King George Boulevard
Surrey, BC V3T2W1

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  • dean

    went to Neptune restaurant and found it to be a bad bad bad decision.25 min wait (no prob)after being seated another 35 min for the first dish to arrive it was not hot lukewarm.10 minute wait between dishes.asked 3 different people for water I was told to ask “the other girl”????. the food was below average for a seemingly highend restaurant.not tasty at all.prices are a little high.forget about getting any attention if you are not Chinese,thats how my wife and I felt.we will go back to our regular restaurant which is Lotus on scott road.I found everything at Neptune really bad.

  • beipas

    Dean, I went back about a week after the opening day hoping they would be all better and they would have the opening glitches figured out, but they didn’t improve at all.

    I have to agree with you on the waiters not paying any attention (regardless if you are Chinese or not, because I am).

    Our first waiter punched in our orders wrong, we realized after we ate half of the dishes, told their manager, and still got charged. It was our fault for not double checking, but we shouldn’t have to do that. We ended up having an unnecessary long and extra expensive brunch because of that. What made it worse was the random dishes that showed up were bad!

    I watched my second waiter through out the meal, and saw him was just wandering around the restaurant, even RIGHT after I asked him to check on our order. He didn’t do anything about my request, just walked around. Needless to say I left him and the other 2 waiters very little tip.

    My second experience was worst than the first because I paid attention to what the waiters were actually doing (or not doing) and because they couldn’t use the opening day excuse again.

    I was very disappointed with them like you did.

  • Joanna

    The wait was horrible. We’ve been waiting for almost an hour and when ask them about it They keep on saying cause you walk in. But actually I’ve seen people walk in to put their name on. I don’t know Cantonese but I know enough to know what they were talking about. Just the wait itself would not want to come anymore.