Naked Lunch

After a day of boarding in Whistler, we looked for a place to eat in Squamish on the way home. I had 2-3 other choices that day but for some reason they were closed on that Tuesday because they were closed on Tuesdays, or it was past lunch, or some sort of medical issue. We finally decided on Naked Lunch.

Naked Lunch specializes in sandwiches, so all three of us chose from their grilled sandwiches. You can get a sandwich only for about $7.25, or a sandwich and side (salad, soup, or fries) for $10.25. I ordered the grilled cheddar and bacon with the soup of the day, while my friends ordered grilled ham and cheese with soup, and beef and provolone with fries.

I’ll admit my sandwich was really good. It was a nicely grilled whole wheat bread with crisp bacon, gooey cheddar, and a nice horseradish mayo. It was delicious, and I want to make it at home all the time. They don’t skimp out on ingredients, and they were packed well with bacon and cheddar. It was warm, and the bread was crunchy. The horseradish mayo added another layer of flavour which I love. The soup of the day was beef and barley soup. Sadly, this looked so much like a canned soup. The beef was cut into perfect cubes, and kind of tough. It was also served just luke warm, so it didn’t help warm me up.

I was also able to try the beef and provolone and that was delicious as well. The beef was very soft and tender, but it wasn’t shaved or super thin. The horseradish mayo even went better with this. I’m not sure which of the sandwiches I prefer, they were different, and both very good. The fries were more like wedges, but they were nicely crisp and fluffy inside.

I would’ve given them a 4 if the soup was better and served hot. It did seem a bit expensive too, though it seemed like they used high quality ingredients for their sandwiches. Their special is a schnitzel sandwich which I want to try next time.

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Naked Lunch
1307 Pemberton Ave
Squamish, BC

(604) 892-5552 

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