Montana’s Cookhouse for All You Can Eat Ribs

Montana’s Cookhouse is having a promotion where you can order All You Can Eat Ribs any time you want. Normally, I think this would be just on one day of the week, but they have it everyday right now. The weird thing is that, I don’t think the prices are listed online.

We got to the restaurant, and it was kind of dead. All You Can Eat Ribs cost $24.99 – $26.99 depending on what kind of ribs you want. We all ordered the Pork Back Ribs for $26.99. They also have three flavours to choose from – Apple Butter, Honey Garlic, and some Texas Rub. You also get your choice of two sides. Your choice of Rice Pilaf, Mashed Potatoes, or Baked Potato, and your choice of Corn Bread or Baked Beans.

I ordered the Apple Butter Ribs with the Rice, and Corn Bread. It actually took a very long time to come out. We each got a full rack to start. Being an All You Can Rib noobie, I was told not to eat my sides, because they just take up space. And the goal is to eat as many ribs as you can. But, I didn’t listen. The rice was really good, and I finished it all. I actually wanted to order more, but the goal was to eat ribs (the expensive part!). The corn bread was also the best corn bread I’ve ever had. I’m used to really dry and hard corn bread, but this was a lot softer, moister, buttery-er, and sweeter¬† than any one I’ve had. I liked it.

Now to the actual meat of the review. The ribs were awesome. A lot better than the ones at BBQues. It was still fall of the bone tender, but the meat was still very juicy and saucy. The Apple Butter by far is the best flavour. After finishing up our first racks, we ordered more ribs. We asked for a just a 1/2 rack of Honey Garlic for the three of us who wanted more ribs. But, after waiting 15 or so minutes, she brought us 6 half racks…The Honey Garlic wasn’t nearly as good as the apple butter, so we just ate our three half racks and left the rest. We thought we would be able to take the ones we were working on home, but for some reason our waitress said we couldn’t. My friends sweared they let us before, but not anymore apparently?

We ordered more Apple Butter ribs, and they came faster.¬† So in the end they took away 2 half-racks of Honey Garlic. What a waste if they threw it away. Might as well just pack it up and let us take it home. I’m not too sure what it was about the Honey Garlic ribs, but it just didn’t taste nearly as good as the Apple Butter.

So overall, my experience was good. The wait for the food was long, but worth the wait. I don’t think I’d be doing AYCE ribs for a long time, because I was stuffed, and that was way too much meat for one day. I think by the end of it, you have to eat 2 racks of ribs to make it worth it. I did not get a meat headache.

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Montana’s Cookhouse
1046 – 2929 Barnet Hwy
Coquitlam, BC

(604) 472-7772

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  • beipas

    last time I had all you can ribs here, I got a meat headache.

  • Ben

    Hi Dee: If only this is closer to home, I would have gone and tried it. Glad to know it is good too. Ben

  • dee

    hehe I didn’t realize all of the Metro Vancouver locations were in the Surrey/Langley area.

    I still want to try Tony Roma’s… never been there yet

  • icu

    My family and I went to have dinner here the other evening and were quite disappointed!! Not only were the ribs so-so, the at the end of our meal we saw the most disgusting sight!!! One of the servers used a broom to clean off a baby chair. I informed the healthboard of this incident. The inspector said that he had spoken to the manager, who had spoken to the server about their performance issue. I had not described to anyone what the server looked like that was cleaning off the baby chair with a broom that evening. But the health inspector assured me that the Manager he spoke to had spoken to the staff person in question about proper procedures. I have a young baby myself that sat in their baby chair and this was absolutely disgusting on every level. This facility is exactly the reason I do not use public high chairs!!! When the health inspector informed me that the person in question was not following procedures, this made me wonder what sort of individuals does Montana`s hire, that do not have the common sense to wipe down a baby chair with a clean cloth, instead of the broom that is used to clean the floor with? Baby – baby chair – broom – floor … I might as well have put my child along with everyone elses on the floor to lick up the floor or Montana’s clean.

    This was the most disgusting sight that I have ever seen and who knows what their staff do in the kitchen to peoples food before it is served, if they clean baby chairs out in public with brooms!!!

    Thought people should know…