Mo:le Breakfast and Brunch in Victoria

Mo:le was the first stop on my trip to Victoria. It’s one of the higher rated breakfast joints in Victoria, so I wanted to try it out. After taking the early Heli Jet over to Victoria, and dropping off our luggage, we went straight here to have our first meal of the day. The line up wasn’t too bad at about 10AM. When we got inside, we were immediately hit by the smell of curry. Curry? Breakfast? The curry tofu scramble seems like a pretty weird dish for breakfast. The smell filled the entire restaurant.

I ordered the Mushroom and Back Bacon Scramble, while my friend ordered the Mo:le Benny, and a drip coffee. It took a really long time to get our food. The drip coffee came first, and it was already dripped, which was kind of a bummer. My friend was thinking of Vietnamese coffee, where it would drip infront of us. Guess not.

My breakfast was pretty good. The eggs were really good as it had a nice mix of mushrooms, and thick back bacon. Very flavourful with two of my favourite ingredients. Probably one of the best breakfast dishes I’ve had.With the mushroom and bacon scramble, came these pesto hash browns that smelled amazing. Sadly they weren’t nearly as flavourful as they smelled. They were definitely lacking seasoning, possibly salt or some parmesan to go with the basil and olive oil. Good idea, but a bit disappointing in taste.  It also came with a couple slices of buttery sour dough.

The Mo:le Benny was a bit different than your standard egg’s Benedict because the bread used was a buttermilk biscuit. The egg’s were cooked perfectly with a nice runny yolk, and she loved the roasted tomato. The buttermilk and paprika cream sauce, although different was a nice touch. I enjoyed my food, but it took a really long time to get our food. They have some funky dishes that I may try if I go back, like the Chinatown Dragon Bun.

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554 Pandora Avenue
Victoria, BC

(250) 385-6653

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