Mimibuloveme is a dessert shop on cambie and 41st street. We discovered this place via a search on the iPhone yelp app.

On the menu there was a big selection of Ice cream parfaits, crepes, and bubble teas. I was there with 2 other friends and we decided to share a Black sesame ice cream parfait, and a strawberry cheesecake parfait. These parfaits are big desserts and I think they are meant for sharing.

The black sesame parfait had 2 big scoops of black sesame ice cream, it was layered with vanilla ice cream, black sesame paste, mochi balls, and some crushed almond crackers. The layers of ingredients worked really well. The crackers not only gave almond flavours, they also added a really nice crunch to contrast the smooth ice cream texture. It was an awesome dessert, but they sort of already had me at black sesame ice cream (I absolutely love black sesame ice creams).

The strawberry cheesecake parfait was recommended by the waiter, he said it was the most popular item on their menu. It was composed with layers of fresh strawberries, strawberry ice cream, straw berry sauce, and small wedge of cheese cake and as well as some almond crackers. It was indeed delicious.

Besides the parfaits, I also ordered a warm Honey Lemon tea. This tea kind of tasted like they used nestle ice tea powder and it was super sweet. I barely finished half of this.

We ended up staying at this place for quite a while, mainly because this place was super chill. This place was tiny and a bit cozy. It wasn’t busy at all on a week night, and the staff didn’t really care if you’re just hanging out there. It was a good place to go chat and catch up with old friends but seriously, why the weird restaurant name? Miminuloveme, how do I pronounce that?

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5556 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC V5Z

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  • HP

    It’s Mimi Bu Love Me in Mandonglish, which translates to Mimi doesn’t love me in English.

    I’ve been told that it’s a character from something, can’t remember though =D