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After a VERY long day of shopping in the USA this past weekend, I just found out that my friend really likes Mexican food. Being in Washington, I knew there were a lot of Mexican restaurants around, but being about 9PM, I wasn’t sure what was open. We drove around and just went to a random one that we found, right across from Bellis Fair Mall. We had really no expectations. Reaching the parking lot, we quickly noticed that the parking lot was pretty full. There was a party room for what I’m guessing was a girl’s 15th birthday celebration, her Quinceañera. The rest of the restaurant wasn’t that busy though. The decor is very colorful. The chairs were vibrant. They had brick accents everywhere, and even a brick arch to enter the dining area of the restaurant.

Once seated we were immediately handed a basket of tortillas and salsa, and a jug of ice water. The menu at first seemed reasonable, until I saw another laminated page which was huge. It was quite daunting, as there were so many options! I get really mixed up with all of the different types of food there are, and it took us a while to order. The prices were average with entrees ranging from $12-16.

We dug into our tortilla chips, and they were warm and really good. The salsa had quite a bit of spice to it, and was quite thin. There were some chunks of onions and peppers in it too.

Our meals actually came pretty fast. I ordered the Steak Jalisco ($15.99) which is a skirt steak topped with mushrooms, garlic, onions, green-red-yellow peppers, spinach, lettuce, and melted cheese. It came with your choice of corn or flour tortillas, refried beans, and rice. Under our waitress’ recommendation, my friend ordered the Chicken Carnitas (which came with chicken, green peppers, onions, sour cream and guacamole along with the same accompaniments as mine. We both chose the corn tortillas, which came in a red plastic container to keep it hot.

First thing I said when I saw my food was wow, because my plate was huge and covered with food. I didn’t know til later on, but my skirt steak covered half of my plate. The steak was grilled a little more than I liked, but not bad. I asked for medium rare, but I don’t think they could cook it like that as the steak was less than 1/2 an inch thin. This was a really huge, but thin piece of meat. The vegetables topping my steak were decent, the mushrooms were the best part. The cheese didn’t really do much for the dish. The worst part of the meal was definitely the rice. It was hard, and clumpy. It seemed like it had been sitting around for a while and then heated up before served to us. Not good. The refried beans weren’t bad, but a bit thinner than what I would like.

My friends food however was a bit worse. The chicken was very dry, and pretty bland although you can tell it was seasoned. Definitely over cooked. Her rice was the same as mine, in that it seemed old, and she was really turned off and disappointed by her food. This was her first Mexican meal outside of Mexico, and it doesn’t stand up to real authentic Mexican food in Mexico. The best part of her meal was the chips and salsa, and the next best would’ve been the guacamole which she added some salsa to to make it spicy. She said it felt like she stuffed her self with fast food. My dish was definitely better than hers, as I did try both.

This isn’t the worst Mexican food I’ve had in Washington, that one was some other place in Bellingham which I went to last Fall, but I can’t remember the name. And it’s not nearly as good as iCactus! in Kirkland, but that place is a bit more pricy, and a whole lot better.

The people who worked at Mi Mexico were kind though..

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Mi Mexico
241 Telegraph Rd
Bellingham, Washington

(360) 647-0073

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  • Jan

    can’t speak to 9PM dining but try it earlier in the day…. likely you will be happier….2 things pro to the whole experience that you may not be aware of but…. as they say about other basic restaurants…. IF the local police & the truckers eat there…. usually it is good (or for the truckers – it won’t kill ya and has good parking for them… lol)…. that being said…. if the people of that nationality are plentiful there (what-ever nationality the restaurant is of) then the food is likely very good… ALSO my “gringo” husband grew up in AZ w/ Mexican friends and went to Mexico and families houses to eat… he proclaims this restaurant is a cut below authentic… a good cut below.

  • http://www.camandcheese.com dee

    Thanks for the info Jan.. when we got there we were very hungry.. and when we’re hungry, usually food tastes extra good! That wasn’t the case here :(. The old clumpy rice was enough to ruin our experience…

    There are many other Mexican restaurants around the area, so I’d probably be trying a bunch of those before coming back here.