Merlin’s Bar and Grill

After a morning of boarding, we decided to have lunch at Merlin’s Bar and Grill in the Upper Village at Blackcomb. We had 6 people in our party, so our waitress put 2 tables together and 6 chairs around it. It was really cramped, so we were about to add another table and a chair or two, but our waitress angrily yelled us saying I thought you only had 6. The place was pretty dead and we wanted extra space for our helmets, and gloves as there was no where else to put it except for the floor.

Anyways, I looked at the menu and the chimichurri steak sandwich immediately stood out for me, so I ordered that. My other friends ordered some chilli, honey garlic wings, mushroom burgers, and more.

My steak sandwich sounded like it was going to be really good – Steak sandwich with chimichurri, arugula, and tomatoes. What I got was close, but missing what I wanted the most of, some fresh chimichurri on top or on the side. It was just marinated in it, and then cooked. I really wanted that fresh chimichurri to add extra flavour and fresh herbs and garlic. The steak was only like 1/4 inch thick, and the chimichurri was cooked on to it, but didn’t get much flavour. It was also cooked well done because it was so thin. The arugula was nice in adding some peppery flavour, and the bread was nice. But still very disappointing.

The chicken wings were delicious though, they were large and plump, crisp skin, and had awesome flavour. These were awesome! The mushroom burger patties and toppings were good, but the bread was stale. My friend loved his chilli there.

Overall I didn’t really like our service, and did not enjoy my sandwich. Other things were good though, so it seems pretty hit or miss.

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Merlins Bar & Grill
4553 Blackcomb Way RR 4
Whistler, BC

(604) 938-7700

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