Melrose Cafe & Bar

The Calgary Stamede was getting a bit boring, so we decided to go back to the Red Mile (17th Ave) to look for a cool place to eat and drink. We wanted Pub Food and beer. Our first choice, Ship & Anchor Pub, was unfortunately packed with nowhere to sit. We kept walking down 17th Ave until we saw Melrose. This place has two sides, a bar, and a restaurant. The bar was packed and had really good energy/vibe to it. Unfortunately there was no space left there, so we decided to sit at the restaurant, which was pretty empty…I wonder why.

It took them a while to get to us to order our drinks. We really just wanted wings and a few appetizers. So we ordered a pound of Melrose Wings, Goat Cheese Bake, and some Fries. The food didn’t take long to come out. We got the Cattleman’s Sweet & Bold barbeque wings, which came with a ranch dip. The wings were decent. The sauce was nice, but the problem with saucy wings is that they get cold fast. It tasted like your standard BBQ sauce. A bit sweet, and smokey. However, they were a bit expensive at a bit over $10 for the pound.

The Goat Cheese bake was an oven baked blend of sheep’s feta, goat cheese, cream cheese & sundried tomatoes, served with oven baked pita wedges; garnish with red onion. In my opinion this was way too cheesy and too thick. All of the cheese combined into a really chunky dip. Each mouthful was really filling.

The fries came with ketchup and a garlic aioli. These fries were very soggy, not crisp at all. The funny thing is that my friend tried to dip a fry into the ketchup and the fry lost. The fry was actually so soggy that it bent as she tried to dip into the ketchup. The garlic aioli was also grainy, it was probably made with garlic powder or garlic salt.

Melrose doesn’t sound very asian, but there were a lot of Asian things in the restaurant, most noticeably a huge Buddha.

This place is really popular especially during the NHL playoffs, at least the bar side is. The food is sub par though. Definitely a place to go to party and drink, not to have good food. But when you are intoxicated, food will surely taste better.

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Melrose Cafe & Bar
730 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB

(403) 228-3566
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