Mejico, Sydney, Australia

We went to Jamie’s Italian but were met with a very long line. Over 2.5 hours! So tried to kill sometime near by while we waited. What better way to kill time as a food blogger, than to keep eating? Mejico is right next door, and looked pretty trendy.

We just wanted a little bit of food, so we just sat near the bar, and ordered from the bar’s more limited menu. The Smoked Pork Belly Tacos and Market Fresh Guacamole caught our eye. The guacamole was made right in front of us. Our server told us each of the ingredients, as they mixed it in. They added walnuts (our server called them pecans) which was a nice crunchy touch. I also liked how it was chunkier, and not too mushed up. It was served with very thin and crisp plantain chips. I think the guacamole could have been a bit spicier, and needed more kick. The plantain chips were very light and brittle. Tasty, but we could have used more of it of course.

The Pork Belly Tacos were served with a lime, black bean hummus, and tomatillo salsa. The pork was served in big chunks, and very tender. I liked it quite a bit, but again needed more spice. The pork was smoked for 20 hours, and was so tender. My friends would have preferred smaller pieces of pork so it’s easier to eat and bite into, but I liked the big fat pieces.

It’s a pretty cool looking place, and the food seemed pretty good. Wouldn’t mind trying out the rest of their menu. Their drinks were really good too, and they have a pretty extensive tequila menu.

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105 Pitt St
Sydney, NSW

02 9230 0119

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