Meatball & Wine Bar, Melbourne, Australia

Meatball & Wine Bar was supposed to be part of our three-part dinner from the night before, but they were too busy. We decided to have them for lunch on our last day in Melbourne.

This place is really cool. A pretty small menu, with mostly meatballs, and a bunch of wine. We chose the Pork Meatballs with Pasta and Green (pesto) Sauce, and the Lamb Sliders which were on special that day. We were originally going to get beef sliders, but we heard about the lamb, and changed our minds.

The Pork meatballs were tender and light. But the pesto sauce that our server recommended, made it so much better. That pesto was amazing. The papardelle is a wide pasta and cooked al dente. I could eat this all day. The pesto was very flavourful, meat was tender, moist, and delicious, and the pasta put it all together.

We were a tiny bit disappointed to see the lamb sliders weren’t meatballs, but it was still very good nonetheless. The lamb was shredded, and tasted very much like roast lamb. It was served with some crushed peas in a brioche bun.

I really like what they do here, and would like to go back and try all of the meatball flavours.

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Meatball & Wine Bar
135 Flinders Ln
Melbourne, VIC

03 9654 7545

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