Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, Sydney, Australia

Max Brenner has many locations around Australia. They are pretty well known for their chocolates. My friend remembered that there’s a Max Brenner location at Manly Beach right in the ferry terminal. She said it’s something we should try since it is a pretty popular chain.

We just ordered a few things to share – the Italian Chic Chocolate Tirimisu and a Chocolate Soufflé, and some drinks. The tirimisu isn’t like a regular one, it wasn’t cakey or have any lady fingers used at all. It was very creamy with two chilled layers of mousse. One was dark chocolate, and the other was a white chocolate and mascarpone. It was very light and creamy. So, not your standard tirimisu, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It had just the right amount of sweetness for me.

The soufflé came out warm, with warm chocolate oozing out. The soufflé itself wasn’t too sweet, but the chocolate inside was quite rich.

My capuccino came in a “Kangeroo” cup, which has a little section in the front that can hold a small piece of chocolate. It catches some of the hot drink, and melts the chocolate slowly, and mixes with your first sip.

They also have lots of ice cream sundaes but they all cost over $12, which to me seems expensive. The staff also seemed a bit scattered the day we visited, as they brought two desserts to us that we didn’t order. We should of took them, as we kind of wanted to try the waffle too. Maybe next time. They are quite pricey, and there are better desserts else where.

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Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
11 East Esplanade
Manly Wharf Shop
Sydney, NSW

02 9977 4931

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