Manis Pan-Asian Eatery, Surrey

I love Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine. I love roti canai, and laksa, and all the south east asian fried noodles. So I was pretty excited about eating at Manis Pan-Asian Eatery, a Malaysian restaurant in Surrey.

I was here with a group a friends, and we share a couple orders of the roti canai. One came with chicken curry sauce, and the other came with vegetarian sauce. Both sauces were delicious, and the roti canai was everything it should be; flakey when you pull it apart, yet still moist and chewy.


My friend had an order of the Tom Yum soup, something she enjoyed quite a bit.


My dinner was the Laksa. It came with lots of chicken, tofu, bean sprouts, shrimp and a hard boiled egg. The soup was just coconuty enough. I liked it, but it wasn’t as amazing as I had hoped it to be.


The Mee Goreng was my favourite here. Really really flavourful, with perfectly cooked noodles.


The daily special was the Char Kwai Teow Noodles. I had my friend order this because this is like one of my favourite Singaporean dishes. It looked amazing, but it was really too bad that we all found it to be pretty bland…wah wah.


Overall we had a couple really good dishes, and a couple that were just OK. I am still really happy this restaurant exists in Surrey, so people like me wouldn’t have to make a drive too far out to satisfy a craving for Malaysian/Singaporean cuisine.

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