Man Pies

My friend and I decided to grab a late night snack at Man Pies in Bellingham, WA. I had walked by this place a few times but I was always too full to go.

We ordered two pies: 1) Braised Beef and 2) the daily special – Smoked Beef with Broccoli and Potato.

The pies were actually quite expensive for the size. I was expecting something larger but both pies turned out to be quite filling as it. The Braised Beef was our favorite out of the two pies. It was filled with tender beef chucks, steamy hot carrots and potato bits. It was not too salty and extremely flavourful. I would definitely order this one again.

The Smoked Beef pie was just okay. It was very salty and I couldn’t finish it. I guess the smoked beef was salty to begin with. The broccoli bits were delicious. The mashed potato on the bottom layer was nice a creamy. The crust was very well done. It was crispy, flaky and buttery. I really liked the crust on this pie compared to the Braised Beef.

I would go back to Manpies to try some other pies on the menu. But I would probably stick to the classics next time and not get the daily special. They open late!

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Man Pies
1215 Railroad Ave
Bellingham, WA

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