Mambo Cafe

The past week I have been setting up my new office in Richmond and needed to make a run to Aberdeen center’s NCIX for a couple computer supplies. While we were at the mall, we decided to grab a quick lunch at Mambo Cafe in the food court.

I am not familiar with this food court at all, so this was kind of a random pick. It turned out that this was a quite popular stall in this food court because they were quite busy compared to their neighbours.

For lunch I got the Beef, shrimp and egg swirl on rice. First I have to say the portion was massive, it was enough for 2 meals. The beef slices were super tender, there were also lots of shrimp. It was seasoned just salty enough for all the steamed rice at the bottom.

My friend ordered the Singaporean vermicelli. Again, this portion was good enough for 3 people. The tasty curry flavoured noodles were fried with shrimp, pork, eggs, onion, and green peppers.

I was quite satisfied with my lunch overall. The prices were really cheap considering the portion size. You’d also get a free drink with the food with choices from Hong Kong style milk tea, to almond drinks.

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Mambo Cafe
3020-4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC V6X4J7
(604) 273-3669

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