Lush on Bondi, Sydney, Australia

While visiting the amazing Bondi Beach, we wanted to eat right by the water. We were just craving some sandwiches and fries, so we decided to eat at Lush on Bondi. It’s sandwich shop with plenty of out door seating to enjoy the incredible beach and weather.

I ordered the Chicken, Avocado and Cheese Open Grill, with a side of chips. I thought it was pricey for $8 for a side of regular fries, but they gave us a lot of food. The open grill had chicken and avocado piled quite high on each piece of bread and melted with plenty of cheese. The chicken was moist, and the avocado was creamy and buttery all served on toasted slices of bread. I think the sandwich could have used mayo or some sort of sauce to make it a bit moister though. The side of fries was huge, and more than enough for two people. It was very crisp on the outside and airy. Pretty good fries. We also ordered the chicken burger which was also pretty filling. It was served on toasted bread, with nice fresh vegetables. The chicken was moist, and not dry. It was pretty standard, and nothing too special.

If you’re too lazy to walk to the main street, and want an awesome view of the beach, Lush on Bondi is pretty decent.

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Lush on Bondi
Bondi Beach Pavillion
Sydney, NSW

02 9300 8555

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