Luke’s Italian Beef, Chicago

Luke’s Italian Beef was the first restaurant I visited in Chicago. It is located in The loop of downtown Chicago.

Luke’s Italian Beef had something every everyone. They had beef sandwiches, hot dogs, pizzas and pasta. I was there to get my first ever Italian Beef Sandwich.

The Italian Beef Sandwich ($4.65) was literally beef in a long roll, and nothing else. Apparently that was a Naked Beef Sandwich, because you could add other stuff on it such as peppers and cheese.

I have to admit, it didn’t look all that impressive as I unwrapped it. It looked really plain. And when I took my first bite, oh my god, it was so yummy. The beef was so tender, and believe me, it was SO tender. I’ve never had beef that was this soft. The bread was really soft too. The all together sandwich was moist, and the beef was really well seasoned. The bread was dipped in meat juice, so it got a little messy to eat towards the end as the juice was dripping from the sandwich. I was really pleased with the sandwich, even when it got messy.

I really wanted to try other sandwiches here, since I was so impressed by the Italian Beef. Too bad I couldn”t because I could barely finish 1. I’ll just have to save it for my next trip to Chicago.

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