LR Sushi

The first time walking around Brisbane CBD, we saw a huge line up at this sushi place. We wondered why. Many people who have visited Australia said that Japanese food isn’t nearly as good as it is in Vancouver. We wanted to see what the fuss was about at LR Sushi.

When we went back to the CBD to shop, we made sure to grab some rolls from LR Sushi on the way home to try. They have some pretty unique rolls that seem odd – like Honey Mustard Pork, and Chicken, Peach and Cream Cheese. They do have pretty cheap rolls though ranging from $2-3, so I’m guessing that’s one of the reasons they are so popular.

Overall the Sushi was decent. It’s meant so you can eat on the go. The rolls aren’t cut, but wrapped in cellophane. You can grab little fish-shaped soy sauce squeeze bottles and put a few drops with each bite. Pretty good idea especially in the hustle and bustle of the business district. They are always on the go.

We ordered Chicken & Avocado, Karaage, Honey Mustard Pork, California Roll, and Prawn Tempura. It took us a while to eat it because we had to go back to Toowong, and shop a little bit at Toowong Village. So they sat for a while in the plastic containers, so our karaage and honey mustard pork weren’t crispy anymore.

The Honey Mustard Pork actually wasn’t that bad. As a Filipino, I eat rice with anything (even chicken nuggets) anyways so it wasn’t that strange. The Chicken & Avocado were very similar, except one had avocado. Wished it was still crispy, but I’ve had better chicken rolls here for sure.. The California roll was different though because instead of little strands of the imitation grab, it was a full one. It also tasted a bit different. Overall the sushi wasn’t that good, but I can see the appeal to this place in particular.

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 LR Sushi
149 Adelaide St
Brisbane, QLD

07 3210 6618

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  • fil

    Why do you think the Japanese food is so good in Vancouver? I can see what Cantonese food would be good with so many immagrants from Hong Kong, but does Vancouver have a big ex-pat Japanese population?

  • dee

    Might be the quality of fish we get here. I don’t think we have that large of a Japanese population, but I do hear about quite a few Japanese people who have opened up shop in Vancouver after being successful in Japan. Also, many Japanese restaurants here are operated by Koreans (and a few Chinese) but are still quite good. We love our Asian food here.