Lombardi’s Pizza

Lombardi’s is one of the two pizza places I wanted to try in NY. Grimaldi’s was the other restaurant, but it had a 2 hour wait when we visited. I had to try some famous NY pizza before I left.

We visited Lombardi’s for lunch before watching the Jimmy Fallon show. It wasn’t very busy, so we were seated right away. There aren’t that many things to choose from, so ordering shouldn’t be too difficult. We decided to split a large 18″ pizza between the three of us, and got half of regular Margherita, and half Margherita and Pancetta.

The pizza looks really big, but it is a pretty thin crust. The crust was very crisp and cooked well. The toppings were nice and simple – tomato sauce, mozzarella, and some basil. The tomato sauce was delicious, and had a nice fresh taste to it. There was enough cheese on the pizza to almost get some with each bite (I hate when there’s only one clump of cheese on a slice). I do have to admit that the Pancetta side was better, and definitely recommend adding it. It just adds a nice salty-meat flavour which is missing from the plain Margherita.

We only got to try the one item, but it was very good. The crust and tomato sauce were delicious, and that’s the base for any good pizza. I also want to try their White Pizzas too.

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Lombardi’s Pizza
32 Spring St
New York, NY

(212) 941-7994


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  • beipas

    New York’s water really makes their pizza different and awesome!

    Had a spinach and meatballs pizza here, one of the best i’ve had.