Little Greek Taverna, Brisbane, Australia

My first real meal in Brisbane was at Little Greek Taverna in the West End of Brisbane. They have just as much outdoor dining tables, as they do indoor. Rain or shine. The weather can’t really make up its mind here during this season. They love their patios.

I was craving Roast Lamb but unfortunately Little Greek Taverna didn’t have any, unless it was one of the items crossed out of the menu. I chose the Florinian Style Lamb instead, while my friends ordered the Lemonato Ami, and Moussaka, and we also shared the Mezethes Platter to start and share. Their menu was a bit different than what we would see in our Canadian Greek restaurants.

The Mezethes platter came with 3 different dips, a bit of pita bread, as well as olives, feta cheese, and pickled peppers. I thought it was a bit expensive at $25. The dips were good, and the pita bread was also a bit different than what I’m used to, but it’s better. It was toasted, and a lot thinner than pita we are served in Canada. A lot crispier. For dips we chose Tzatziki, Red Capsicum (pepper), and Potato Caviar. Of course we weren’t given enough pita bread, so we had to order a bit more for $3. Our favourite was the Red Capsicum, then the Tzatziki then the Potato Caviar. We though the tzatziki needed a bit more garlic in it, and the potato caviar had a bit of a bitter taste at the end.

My main was the Florinian Style Lamb ($15) was pretty good – very tender lamb cooked in a tomato sauce, with some potatoes. I asked if their dishes came with rice (like it does in Canada), but our server said they don’t serve rice with Greek Food here. The lamb was very tender, and I especially loved the chunks with fat. It was delicious. The tomato sauce was a little too sour though. The¬†Moussaka ($13.50) came with 3 layers. A nice soft bechamel on top, very tender meat, and a fairly soft egg plant layer. Not usually a big fan of moussaka, but this one was pretty good. My friends’ favourite dish was the Lemonato Ami ($15). A lemony lamb dish with lemon potatoes. The meat was very tender, and fairly lean. It had just the right amount of lemon flavour in the meat to make it not totally over powering or too sour.

Being my first meal, I learned a bit about how the dining experiences typically are here. First, they don’t usually tip here. The service isn’t as nice as we have in North America, and they rarely check up on you. They’ll take your order, give you the food, but not really check with you until you are done. You also usually pay up front at the cashier. GST is also included in the pricing. That being said, I did notice all of those things on my first dining experience, but our server was also pretty helpful when we were asking about the menu.

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Little Greek Taverna
5/1 Browing St
Brisbane, QLD

07 3255 2215

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