La Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza

This week’s Bellingham adventure brought us to La Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza in downtown Beillingham. A popular pizza joint, with nice crispy wood oven pizzas.We actually stopped by here last week because D’Anna’s had a really long wait. But, the food at D’Anna’s just smelled so much better, so we decided to wait it out. I was also craving pasta last week.

La Fiamma was actually really good. Pizzas range from $13-17 for medium sized 11 inch pizzas, and getting a large is about $8 more. The large actually look a lot bigger. Our group of 4 split 2 pizzas – Sweet & Savoury and Pizza Diablo.

I started with the Sweet & Savoury, so that my taste buds would be saved from the heat from Pizza Diablo. The Sweet & Savoury was my choice, and was topped with prosciutto, caramelized onions, and mozzarella, then topped with arugula dressed with a fig balsamic vinaigrette. Ordering a pizza with prosciutto and arugula in it is quite common for us. This pizza was really nice, and light. The prosciutto was thin and salty, the caramelized onions were tender and sweet, and the arugula was perfectly dressed with the vinaigrette. The crust was perfect too. Not too dry, but still crisp, and didn’t get soggy.

The Pizza Diablo was quite spicy. It has a spicy tomato sauce, fennel Italian sausage, hot pickled cherry peppers, and mozzarella. The Italian sausage tasted amazing, and the peppers were probably a medium hot. You could also get a little spice from the tomato sauce, but the brunt of the heat was definitely from the peppers.

One person at our table was really happy, and think it’s better than the Neopolitan pizza joints in Vancouver, but he hasn’t had very many of them. Our other friends who arrived a bit later ordered the Sausage Pesto which they loved. One of the best pizzas they’ve ever had. We ate a bit more at Boundary Bay Brewery and Pub, and they said the bar was set way too high by La Fiamma.

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La Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza
200 E Chestnut St
Bellingham, WA

(360) 647-0060

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