La Brasserie

La Brasserie the French-German restaurant on Davie street is almost always packed when I walk by there. The restaurant has been on my wish list for a while now and I finally made it here for an early dinner.

Craving for poutine, I already knew I wanted their Truffled Poutine. There were about 9 entrees on the menu and I decided to get the Free Run Rotisserie Chicken. I was able to upgrade the fries from the rotisserie chicken to truffled poutine for an extra $4, which worked out perfectly for me. (A regular order of Truffled Poutine appetizer is $9.)

To start we were given baguettes and rye bread with butter and chicken rillette-meat. We were most impressed by the fresh baguette and found out the got them from Boulangerie Cho Pain; a bakery just a few doors away.

A few moments later, the Truffled Poutine was on the table along with the Rotisserie Chicken and my friend’s Rotisserie Rabbit (Monday’s special).

The poutine had an aroma of truffle oil, and it tasted amazing. I absolutely loved it. The gravy as light, and there was a generous amount of cheese curds. The truffle oil really made this poutine, possibly the best I’ve ever had.

The rotisserie chicken looked awesome, quite a large portion I must say.  It was served nice and warm on a bed of red cabbage and some confit garlic. It was really well cooked. The chicken was still very tender, very juicy and very tasty.

The Rotisserie rabbit was the dish we were a little confused about.  The dish came some what cold, we weren’t sure if it was meant to be like that. The rabbit tasty extra dry because it was cold too. The salad underneath the rabbit was nice though.

Again, really awesome poutine. Truffle oil on poutine is the way to go!

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La Brasserie
1091 Davie St
Vancouver, BC V6E4L2
(604) 568-6499

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