Kura Japanese in Burnaby

Kura is another Japanese restaurant near my work place on Kingsway in Burnaby. Their menu is fairly large and have a large assortment of Japanese dishes. They’ve been in Burnaby/Vancouver for 17 years now, and they have cheap promotions to celebrate that anniversary. They’ve also been in Tokyo for 25. Their menu is fairly cheap. I ordered a Chicken Teriyaki combo ($8.95), agedashi tofu ($3.95), and a small beef sashimi ($5.95). My brother ordered a sushi combo (Combo F) for $13.95.

My combo came with miso soup, the chicken teriyaki with rice, half of a California roll, and 4 pieces of tempura. The miso soup had lots of tofu and green onion in it which I like. The chicken teriyaki was moist and salty and sweet. Pretty good, but I wished the skin was crispy. It came with prawn, egg plant, sweet potato tempura. Nice and crispy, a tiny bit oily though. The vegetables were nice and tender inside.

The agedashi tofu was just OK though. It wasn’t very crispy, because the outer crust wasn’t too thick to begin with, and it also soaked in a lot of the sauce tentsuyu. The beef sashimi was nice and fresh and only $6 for the small ($10 for the large). It came on a bed of daikon, and a sweet sauce. I liked the little kick from the green onion. I wished they gave more sauce though, because after just dipping 3-4 pieces of the beef sashimi, there wasn’t much left, and beef sashimi without the sauce isn’t very good. You really need that sauce to bring out more flavours, and the kick was nice.

My brothers sushi combo came with a large assortment of sushi and sashimi, and also came with the miso soup, tempura, and California rolls. For some reason though it came with a bowl of rice too, so he was really stuffed.

Our waitress was very friendly and very efficient. She was very busy and seemed kind of rushed. I think there were only 2 servers during the lunch time rush. She was quicky jumping from table to table. She did a really good job. I’d definitely be back here. Another good place to eat at by work.

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Kura Japanese
4300 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

(604) 451-3331

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