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Remember the days when Krispy Kreme was first open and there were line ups 24/7 for these uber sugary donuts? That was about the last time I visited Krispy Kreme.

A day after my Usana reset, I had a sudden mad craving for these donuts, another day later, I was at Krispy Kreme alone buying half a dozen donuts to go.

It’s been years since I’ve been here, and when I said I was alone, I was really alone in the donut shop. The place was quite dead as I was the only customer. Despite the emptiness of the restaurant, the show case was still filled with a large variety of donuts. And there were also stacks and stacks of original glazed donuts in the open kitchen.

I picked 2 orignal glazed, 1 raspberry filled donut, 1 iced kreme filled donut, 1 iced kreme filled glazed donut and 1 maple dip for my half a dozen. I am not a big fan of custard in donuts, so the one thing I like about Krispy Kreme is that they have a cream filled donut option.

I ate 2 and a half of them when I got home.  My first bite of the orignal glazed was so heavenly. The donut was so soft even without me heating it up. My second bite was a reminder of just how sweet these donuts are. I was quite high on sugar after my 2 and a half donuts. At least my cravings were satisfied. So sugary, so good!

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Krispy Kreme
7153 120 St
Delta, BC V4E
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