Kiriri Japanese Cuisine

I am on this awesome roll with finding authentic Japanese restaurants. After Tokyo Thyme and Kishimoto, my new favorite Japanese spot in Richmond is now Kiriri Japanese Cuisine.

First time I visited, I went for lunch with my sister. I ordered their chef’s lunch special at $24. The lunch set came with 10 components including the so very awesome black sesame creme brûlée dessert. This was definitely worth the price if you feel like spoiling yourself.

The lunch set had cold dishes like tuna, salmon and tai sashimicucumber sunomono, tuna stack with mangos, egg and abalone sushi. The warm components were clam soup, grilled black cod, and taro balls in meat sauce. The black cod was my favorite. It had a sweet caramelized sauce, the skin was nicely grilled, and the meat tasted very buttery.

My sister had the Age-Udon set.  Deep fried udon anyone? This was a cool lunch set, it had a clear and clean mushroom soup that my sister just poured on top of the deep fried udon and ate it like noodle soup. There was also a very nicely made salmon filled Japanese rice ball, my sister is a rice ball nazi, and this rice ball has earned her approval.

I loved this place so much from lunch that I decided to bring my friends here for dinner.  We ordered a bunch of stuff and had another great meal. Some of the highlights were the $20 (there was a cheaper option) Chirashi Don, White fish sashimi in yuzu sauce, Hawaiian Stack and Grilled duck.

The $20 chirashi don came in a 3 tier stacked box like the Chef special lunch set had.  There were lots of fresh sashimis and it was fun to uncover the tiers to see what you’d get.

The White fish sashimi in yuzu sauce is unique to Kiriri. I loved this dish, it was very refreshing even though it was topped with some black pepper corn to add some spiciness to it.

The Hawaiian stack was the table’s favorite. It had rice, tuna, mango, and salmon roe. It’s a bigger version of the stack you’d get in the Chef’s special lunch set.

We ended our dinner with of course, the awesome black sesame creme brûlée.  This is my favorite creme brûlée in the world. It’s served cold with lots of fruits on the top. The black sesame in the custard was just genius.

This really seem like a secret spot for all the Japanese people. About 90% of the customers were Japanese and most of them were really friendly to the sushi chefs at the counter. Although there were no lines out the door, this place was bumpin! Reservations would be wise.

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Kiriri Japanese Cuisine
8780 Blundell Rd
Richmond, BC V6Y

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    also best tamago I’ve had