Kilala Sushi Bar

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This small sushi restaurant located in Burnaby is really a hidden gem. My friend and I decided to try out this place on a weekday. The restaurant itself was not packed. However, the rush hour traffic on Hastings Street made it a bit challenging to get to the restaurant.

Once there, I noticed that most customers ordered take out instead of eating in. The staff consisted of two people (which I assumed to be the owners). Because of that, the service was a bit slow but totally understandable.

We ordered: Futomaki (half order), Kilala House Roll (half order), Unagi Battera, Hamachi Nigiri, Avocado Nigiri and Salmon Sashimi.

The Hamachi and Avocado Nigiri were both delicious. I especially like the way that the Avocado Nigiri was presented. It had generous amounts of fresh avocado. I wanted to order seconds, but decided to wait for the rest of the dishes.

Salmon Sashimi pieces were fresh and thinly sliced. I personally really like the Unagi Battera. It was full of flavour and I would definitely go back for this dish again.

Futomaki was a real treat. Usually I tend to only order raw rolls, but I decided to try the fully cooked Futomaki Roll. I liked the taste and I thought the roll was beautifully presented. The mushroom, spinach, pickle, and the sweet egg complimented each other really well. In Japan, Futomaki is one of the popular ways for a chef to express his artistic skills, both in the visual presentation of the roll and the delicate balance of the tastes between sweetness, sourness and saltiness.

If I could cancel one order, it would be the Kilala House Roll. It was super filling even though we only ordered a half-order. The roll was huge and stuffed with crabmeat, salmon, salmon roe, avocado, and tuna. It tasted just fine but I preferred the other dishes I ordered earlier.

I would certainly go back to Kilala. In fact, writing this post makes me think of how much I enjoyed the Unagi Battera and the Avocado Nigiri. However, I would probably do take-out after work next time instead of eating in.

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Kilala Sushi Bar
4749 Hastings St
Burnaby, BC

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One thought on “Kilala Sushi Bar

  1. The unagi looks delicious! I find usually that “house” or special rolls like what the Kilala roll looks to be are usually the “filler” for those who prefer quantity over quality and usually best avoided!

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