Katz’s Deli speaks Pastrami

Katz’s Deli could be labeled as one of the tourist traps in New York since it is listed in almost every travel guide for New York City. I was a tourist in New York, I love food, I like sandwiches, so it was a no brainer that I’d drop by with my greedy taste buds.

This place was hella busy, and was certainly not what I expected. Talk about a tourist trap, there were line ups in the restaurant just to order food, not to mention the place was super packed. While lining up, we asked on of the security guards what was THE item to get here, and he answered ‘Pastrami on Rye! The Pastrami on Rye is the money!’ without hesitation, I loved his attitude.

When we finally got to the long deli counter, we ordered Pastrami on Rye ($14.95), Salami ($13.45), and Corned Beef ($14.95) Sandwiches. We also got a little paper stub that indicated on what food we ordered. Those stubs were used to pay for the sandwiches at the cashier on the way out.

The sandwiches came with a plate of thickly sliced pickles. Yum! My favorite sandwich would be the Pastrami. The meat was stacked high, true deli style, it looked really appetizing. It was my first time having pastrami, and it was SO GOOD! The sandwich was warm and the meat was nicely smoked and juicy. I didn’t even have mustard or mayo in the sandwich, and I didn’t need them at all. The security guard wasn’t lying.

The Corned Beef was also pretty tasty, but it was a little bit raw for me. The Salami was a cold sandwich, and I think it had enough salami pieces for me to make 10 sandwiches. It was a little bit weird eating cold cuts in a stack like that, but it was pretty good too.

The sandwiches were great, and the pickles were too! They were 2 kinds of pickles, one of them was pickled longer than the other as you could tell by their colours. They were both really great to eat with the sandwiches, crunchy and vinegary, I liked them a lot.

The decor of this place was very simple, like a cafeteria. It was a big place with simple tables and chairs. The walls were filled with pictures of celebrities visiting there. I wonder if they ever had to line up as well. If you go with a group of people, you can work as a team, get someone to order and someone to fight for seats because it was really busy in there. That’s what we did, and it still took us a while to find seats.

I did find the price to be a bit expensive. Averaging $15 dollars for a sandwich, I’m not sure I’d pay that price for a sandwich at anywhere else. But on the other hand, a burger at a semi nice restaurant would cost me almost $15 dollars too and it probably would not be as good as Katz’ pastrami sandwich.

Katz’s Deli, something to visit at least once when you’re in New York.

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Katz’s Deli
205 E Houston St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 254-2246

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  • http://chowtimes.com Ben

    This brought back memories of the memorable sandwich I had at Katz a number of years ago. I just love that pile of meat although it was quite impossible to eat with your hands. He he he … did you see the sign that says “When Harry Met Sally sat here”?. Did you have THAT particular table?

  • http://www.camandcheese.com dee

    whaat? no mustard on your pistrami on rye?

    And whaaat? security guard? lol.. sounds scary. That is expensive for a sandwich. I wonder if you can ask for less meat to make it cheaper haha.

  • http://www.meplusfood.com/author/beipas beipas

    I did see that sign, and no I didn’t get to sit at it. It was quite a zoo in there when I was there.

    no mustard needed!

    oh man, i’m getting hungry. Pastrami mmm!