Kam Do Restaurant & Bakery

Kam Do is a HK style cafe restaurant in Richmond. Near the entrance area of the restaurant was their bakery section. The bakery had traditional Chinese pastries like the pineapple buns and egg tarts. I was planning on getting some for dessert but our dinner ended up being extremely filling.

We were greeted by the staff who spoke in Cantonese only. My friend tried to order in English but found it difficult to communicate the items she wanted. The staff simply refused to speak to her in English. She finally ended up pointing at the menu to order.

We started with two HK style milk teas followed by: a mushroom and egg sandwich with fries, baked pork chops with tomatoes sauce on rice, baked Portuguese seafood spaghetti, Asian soup of the day and cream soup of the day. Our soups also came with a side order of garlic bread. I think the Asian soup was some kind of pork bone soup with some vegetables. It was flavourful and pretty traditional.

The sandwich was our favourite item. It came loaded with a generous portion of mushrooms and eggs filling. It was pretty big and was easily enough as a meal on its own. The fries were just okay. They kind of reminded me of McCain’s packaged fries.

I really enjoyed the baked pork chops with tomatoes sauce on rice. The batter around the pork chops wasn’t too thick. It had a nice sweet taste to it from the tomato sauce. I would definitely go back for the pork chops. Did I also mention that the portion here was large as well?

By this time, I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t have enough space in my stomach for the remaining dish. The baked Portuguese seafood spaghetti plate arrived and I noticed a hair on it almost right away. I flagged down the waitress and showed her the unappealing addition to the dish. She apologized and took the dish right away to remake it for us. She even asked if we wanted to see the ‘old’ dish to make a point that they didn’t just ‘remove’ the hair, but made fresh new dish all together. We trusted her words and didn’t feel the need to see proof. I thought the waitress handled the situation quite well as I would still consider returning to this restaurant. The baked Portuguese seafood spaghetti had a cream sauce base. I personally prefer tomato base, but the dish was good. It had a variety of seafood like shrimp, scallop, squid, fish, and mussels.

I would go back to Kam Do next time to try out the bakery side or to get a hungry man’s lunch. With decent quality food and super large portions, this cafe restaurant is certainly worth going if you are in the mood for some traditional HK style food.

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Kam Do Restaurant & Bakery 
Alexandra Rd
Richmond, BC

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