Ju Ju Shine, Torrance, CA

Ju Ju Shine is a typical Taiwanese style mom and pop shop. Its more like a deli than a restaurant. It’s designed for people to grab a quick bite, whether its lunch, dinner or anything in between.

Taiwanese food is a lot like Chinese food, some might argue its basically the same, some might disagree. In most cases Taiwanese food is a lighter version of the Chinese food, its less spicy, less salty, less saucy.

This place came highly recommended by one of my Taiwanese friend who used to live around this area.  But since I don’t normally hang around Torrance, this was my first time ever experience at this place, and it completely exceeded my expectation.

We asked the owner to give us some suggestions as to what would be a good take out item, she quickly suggested that we should try the Chicken Thigh plate, and the Ham Hock plate.   My friend and I  decided that we’re each going to get both of the plates that she suggested.  We thought we’re only getting two regular sized bento boxes, and that’s it.  But we thought wrong, we got two over stuffed bento boxes filled with jumbo sized chicken thigh/ ham hock, minced pork rice, vegetables, and eggs.  Plus a small tub of vegetable that she made for a vegetarian catering order.  Plus a huge tub of fish ball soup filled with yummy ingredients.  The cost of all these, was a mere 16 dollars.

I tried a bit of the chicken thigh and ham hock after I got back to Irvine, it tasted just like how your mom would make it, not to salty , not too greasy, everything is just right.  It’s 100% home made cooking. The chicken was tender, moist, and well marinated. The hock was the one of the best hocks I’ve ever had. It was cooked to perfection, the meat would just fell off the bone, with a flicker of the chop sticks. Regardless of its dark color, its flavored just right, its not too salty nor soy saucy. The meat and skin are cooked to have just enough texture and still easy to chew and swallow. It doesn’t melt in your mouth, but its probably the closest ham hocks will ever get.

I tried the fish ball soup the next day, it was very flavorful, you can taste the richness of the soup, even tough its clear.  There were not just a few, but almost a tub full of fish balls, it almost felt like I need more soup with them fish balls.  There were three kinds of vegetables in my bento, cooked cucumbers, broccoli, and cabbage. They’re relly fresh and still their crunch in them, the broccoli was surprisingly good, and I usually avoid broccolis. I think overall, all the food took me about a week to finish. But I would definitely go back there again if i was ever in the area.

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Ju Ju Shine
1631 W. Carson St
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 782-8988

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